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VSAT technology and business benefits in the world

In the beginning, COMMUNICATION need an antenna, satellite antenna and connect only point to point. Functionality satellite communications when it is still limited for such large capacity for operators (such as PT TELKOM), trunking, microwave back-up, and telecommunications services in remote areas.

In the United States in the early 80s appear satellite communication technology with a small antenna, capable of connecting points to multipoint or multipoint to point and vice versa. The technology is known as VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal).

VSAT first entry into Indonesia in 1989 in line with bermunculnya private banks that need the online communication system, such as ATM (Automated Teller Machine). Utilization of VSAT in Indonesia including the first in Southeast Asia, which by the national private company PT Citra Sari Makmur (CSM) with the license of PT Telkom. CSM began operating early in 1990 by using the Palapa satellite. Currently there are 3 other than CSM private VSAT operators, namely Lintasarta, Elektrindo Nusantara and prosperous path (Primacom). Still the largest market share domination CSM. Outside it still has 2 operators that serve only among themselves, Dwi Partners (groups of Garuda Indonesia) and BMG (Meteorological and Geophysics Agency).

Benefits VSAT

With the VSAT technology more advanced, communication between islands in Indonesia so more easily and cheaply. Easy, because not terhalangi ocean and earth disturbance other structures such as mountains. Cheap, because the one near or far cost the same. Cheap here will be more meaningful if the number of customers more, because for one channel on the satellite can be used by several customers alternates. Utilization of the Internet and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) will be more optimal and also cheaper.

Features of VSAT cable channels in addition to the fee is cheaper and reliable system with a wide bandwidth transmission of data packets. VSAT is also functioning as a complement or substitute for a phone line and micro-wave (microwave).

VSAT capability in the transfer of data, voice and video are very good because of the wide bandwidth. Moreover, by using compression techniques are good, picture and sound easy in the transfer of the cost.

Line of business that requires very VSAT, among other banks (such as the computerized online), the company's oil industry, aviation, distribution of goods and services, carpentry business and others. VSAT usage will be more effective if the customer has to prepare and provide application at the start using VSAT.

VSAT Customers in the Eye

One of the VSAT customers in the banking sector is Commerce Bank. According to Assistant Vice President Commerce Bank, Paul S Hasjim, banking services to the customer becomes more complete and better by using VSAT, for example, ATM (see photo) and online facilities. There are several reasons for the use of VSAT for Commerce Bank, added, among others, according to which there is no local phone line, to remote branch and a wide bandwidth.

Commerce Bank has been utilizing the VSAT from the CSM since the early 90's. VSAT facilities are used for other than Commerce Bank ATM is VSAT LINK with 64 Kbps of bandwidth, while ATM only require 2.4 Kbps.

VSAT LINK can be used as a disaster recovery (recovery operation when a disaster), which in this case Commerce Bank using the facilities of CSM is in the Dir. Because of wide bandwidth, VSAT LINK is very good for voice and data communications. Thus, the staff at headquarters can easily deal with branches and vice versa, the relationship between the branch runs smoothly without long.

Currently, Commerce Bank will develop the use of VSAT, for example, regional or branch of the high cost interlokalnya such as in Medan and Semarang. Relations between the regions that use LINKS VSAT, namely Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Jakarta.

"Actually there are other telecommunication system which is also used as microwave Commerce Bank," said Paul, "however, because some benefits, VSAT will remain an important role in the present and future."

Alternative Telecom the Right-To

Lately it by the news surge flooding many cities in Indonesia, which damaged many phone cable channel. That reminds us on several alternative replacement for the cable channel and one satellite communication system, namely VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal).

To learn more about the benefits of VSAT in the business world in Indonesia, we have a written interview with Dr. through the Internet. Joseph FP Luhukay, a telecommunications and informatics experts from PT Bahana Business Development of Indonesia in Jakarta.

What is the background of the use of VSAT in Indonesia?

Basically, the use of communication ekstraterestrial generally encouraged by inadequate communication terestrial point to the need for data communications in Indonesia. Not only inter-city, terestrial communication in the city, it feels very drawbacks for inter-computer.

In addition, the use of the VSAT network also facilitates planning for data communications because "availability" will be at any cost and virtually "flat". This means that the relationship between Jalan Thamrin and Jalan Kiai Tapa in Jakarta on the same charges with the relations between Jakarta and Ujungpandang.

What is the advantage of the VSAT communication system to another?

In addition to this, the VSAT communication terestrial also excel in quality of the duct. Some locations in the ground-water is very dependent on the network cable-land, which often interfere in the quality of its installation may be due to less water-impermeable.

Pemasangannyapun relatively very quickly because they do not need to wait for the installation of cable-land. The time required for installation in Irian Jaya is not practical with many different installations in Surabaya, for example. Antenanya small size, even smaller dish from television, also simplifies the installation.

How the development of VSAT currently and in the future?

We think that its development will be very rapid. Which is very urgent to improve the quality of operation and services of the VSAT service.

Perhaps because the "cured" with the service "they" are the users of telecommunication phone service, the business world Indonesia oust the quality of services that are really Friendly of the VSAT service. That is the global will boost the quality of telecommunication services generally, especially VSAT service.

Who are the players (the operator) VSAT in Indonesia?

Which is already well established Citra Sari Makmur (CSM) and Lintasarta, although in terms of service quality and operational readiness of CSM we deem more reliable. There are several more new operators in the field, which still must build the capacity and operating reliability of service quality.

What type of business that requires very VSAT?

Practically all business sectors that didera by the competition, both national and international, will likely need the support of both information technology. Similarly high volume business and operations scattered locations. Not to efforts to strengthen the position in the market with built-keterhubungan upstream with downstream suppliers and customers. Ketersebaran location is encouraging the development of a data communication network, which then tends to increasingly use VSAT "cemepak." Until the end of this decade can be estimated that the business of insurance and financial services, business "retail, tourism and business will dominate the use of VSAT. In addition, the government sector and public services that dominated government will also use the more VSAT.

How to make VSAT and what the most tangible benefits for companies, consumers?

Relatively high cost of subscriptions VSAT encourage users to use the need for more communication in addition to the plenary for data communications only. For that, the relationship between the PABX locations in the operation will improve the ratio of "cost / benefit" to remain in the boundaries of the legality of the use of the VSAT, the use of "groupware" between al-location includes e-mail by using Web technology from the Inernet or technology from Lotus Notes, for example, network information and integration of a company will become the method and principle uses.

How VSAT service business prospects in Indonesia?

Good enough. The problem is how to achieve "economies of scale" to the existing operators. The granting of authority for telecommunications operators should consider new things, because if not, that there is "equity-stunt" only. On the other hand, there is a healthy competition among the operators will help increase the quality of services, although the cost to switch from one operator to another operator that is not easy for a company to the user. Start the emergence of techniques of communication terestrial which also is raising a new urgency for the operator to quickly achieve economies of scale and profitability of the business.


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