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Reality Technology and Business

The technology is intended to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase output (output). However,
it was not always in line with reality. Meletusnya still remember the Internet bubble,
development of the aircraft manufacturer that fails, the failure of some of the implementation of 3G, and many more others. <
that many more still and 3G, the implementation of the failure of some failed, the aircraft factory of the Internet,
meletusnya remember the bubble with the reality. in fact it is not always the hope, however, (output).
output increase costs, reduce efficiency, to be>

Judging from the development of technology, things on the actual development of a technology that
quite interesting, but the business had different results. Many factors that determine success
the implementation of technology, from the cultural community and the readiness to packaging technology in the
mengomunikasikannya to the market.

Mobile telecommunications sector is one of the areas that experienced the development of technology that is
fast. If we note with the attendance of the services offered by the operator, the birth of various new services
very quickly. Meanwhile, if we see the emergence of cellular phones in the market, the average phone market leaders
mobile (phone) issued a 8-20 new type of mobile phone each year.

This means, how rapid technological innovation is happening. One of the development of technology in the world of cellular technology is
messaging (sending) from the SMS (short message service), EMS (enhanced message service), and the
are now frequently promoted the cellular business is MMS (multimedia message service). Attendance
MMS technology can be considered as a messaging technology revolution because of the conditions which can only be
send a message form of text, images and ring tones or simple, it can also be used to
send photos, moving pictures, ring tones and more complex. This should be of the with the
creativity higher.

MMS technology is expected to replace the position of the SMS later. However, it looks like it will be realized at the time
MMS tariffs are cheaper SMS rates approaching, the device also has ponselnya affordable for the middle
(around Rp 1.5 million), and inter-operator can be done. If the total MMS traffic in Indonesia (provided by the
two operators) around 20,000 MMS per day, it is necessary once the strategy to encourage the use of MMS
This can be offset so that SMS traffic is more than 15 million per day.

MMS traffic on a condition in which the current MMS tariffs are still free, so it is very possible
will increasingly be down when the tariffs. This data is Ovum, a consulting firm and survey, estimated
that around 2006, the number of SMS users the world will begin to decline (from around 1.000 billion per year),
while users of MMS will rise sharply (over 350 billion messages per year) in the same year. And, about 3-4
years and then will be possible to have the same amount. However, whether it will happen in Indonesia
range of time?

One of the strategies proposed to encourage an increase in revenue through the MMS service is to
to bring the various applications that can trigger the use of MMS, so we will have the justification that
implementation of MMS is not just to maintain the prestige that in turn can make us as
the victims of technology. However, the implementation of this technology is feasible because it has high demand.
Currently we have been able to get the various mobile phone, MMS learner with a price range of Rp 1.5 million, and it seems
industry and the phone industry of the information and communications technology has reached economies of scale
so that the costs incurred will be more affordable in line with the development of the time. However strange phone tariffs
still continue to rise. Thus, it is expected that soon will be available more affordable mobile phone MMS
the wider community. Attendance MMS along with several new facilities we can make various
applications more attractive.

There are many applications that can be built using the platform of MMS, among other telemetry applications. If
before we get the information only if the form of text using SMS as a medium, for example, the data
engine temperature, can now also get information about the form of graphs temperature changes in the
a certain period.

MMS can also be used for monitoring application. One of the applications developed by local company
Jaya is the I-net mengombinasikannya with a CCTV camera. If the camera is mounted on the house, where
child care, or roads, with the connection on a server computer a simple form, then
anytime you can know the information home state, the condition of children in child care, and the conditions and
cross roads that are not only the form of text information, but also the image or images that will be sent in
automatically to the phone via MMS. And if you are in office, we can access the server through the Internet.
Currently, communications technology, which is also rampant, or Wireless Fidelity technology that often many people
known as the Wireless LAN. In Indonesia it may be a new start developing with the emergence of several locations
access or often called the Hot Spot, which is then combined with cellular technology, and GPRS.
Thus, in the area outside the Hot Spot will use GPRS to access their Internet access,
but it will automatically switch to the W-LAN connection to enter the Hot Spot, which offers speeds of up to
512 Kbps.

The question is now whether the development of Hot Spots in many places have economic value to the
and can offer various new services to encourage the growth of profit? While this is the time for us
to not only consider the ARPU (average revenue per user) to the performance of the service, but more precise
if we consider the AMPU (average margin per user) because it is possible that its ARPU up, but after
with the reduced cost required to bring these services had cost more than
revenue obtained.

And vice versa, if ARPU decreased sure whether the company is loss? Not necessarily! Because
possible to occur due to prepaid card users meledaknya the revenue contribution of each low users.
And, because the number of lots, then the results will affect the average, where the number pembaginya
with a large presence in high technology, cost of implementation to be down.

Thus, despite its low-ARPU, but for still greater than the average cost
required, the operator will still speculate. Therefore, the objective is not simply an increase ARPU, for example,
with various ways to bring new services, but also need to consider whether the cost of implementation services
is balanced with the increase in its revenue. Apparently, the presence of a variety of data services that can be expected
boost ARPU, does not guarantee increased their profit.

Therefore, many new technologies that require alertness present in select technology which can be
the market absorbed. If not, we will only remain in a soft market technology like the foreign players and
economically we do not benefit from.

If it is assumed that the investment cost for the MMS service reaches 1 million U.S. dollars, if the level of capital
for 5 years with the tariff of Rp 350, the required traffic each day about 15,000 of MMS. So, to make this technology
can be absorbed by the market, should be given MMS and SMS tariffs properly conducted with the focus on encouraging
the growth of traffic through one application. A large number of mobile phone, MMS learner with an affordable price
many circles, particularly the largest users SMS / MMS is a young group, the number is 15,000 per day
the amount is very small. Thus, soon will be replaced MMS SMS as a producer
the largest revenue for the service after voice services.

Source: Kompas Cyber Media


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