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TECHNOPRENEURSHIP: Technology-based Business Incubator

Changes for the changes that occur from one period to the next era have entered the human accompany the digital era, an era that often raises the question: whether we still live in the present or have been living in the future. This question arises because almost all things which are not imagined would happen at this time, suddenly appear in front of us. The future seems to be faster from the time that the present operation, owing to advances in information technology.

Information and communications technology or telecommunications service technology (information and communication technology-ICT) has been recognized as one of the world's facilities and infrastructure to overcome the main problems the world. Technology, telecommunications service known as the convergence of communications technology (communication), processing (computing) and information (information) that diseminasikan practice of multimedia facilities. The problem in Indonesia is the main problem is how to solve the digital gap is still very large with menumbuh-developed innovations or teknopreneur telecommunications service industry. Technopreneurship or entrepreneurship, technology is a process and the formation of a new business that involves technology as a base, with the hope that the creation and innovation strategy that can be put right soon the technology as one of the factors for the development of national economy.

Employers technology (Technopreneur), especially information technology (IT) requires the existence of freedom in the innovating, without bridled by the regulations that hamper. The government loosen regulations that set strict grass root movement in the Indonesian IT community, it will provide a positive impact on the growth of IT itself and also the business aspect. This is very important because it was the experience in the field, which often occur between the interests of business entities as a business that demands to always behave and behave as entrepreneurs and make changes, adjust the fact that there are changes with the demands and increase business, but on the other hand, there are interests that the Government may be contrary to the interests of business as a unit. Technopreneurship needed in the spirit of competition that dominant, that is not left behind from the turbulent global business.

In the long period of time, knowledge is placed in the "box" apart exclusively, seems to be deported from economic activities. World knowledge or call us with education, is not considered to be a part of the economic system. Education is seen as a cloistered world where the development value of sterling, while the world economy is seen as a world full of cheating, injustice, even as a world tanpai value (value). Dikotomis perspective that is, in the long period of time that can not be good terjembatani. Each of the more important and party-claim as the most correct.

That we need to know is that in the era of knowledge-based economy that knowledge, education is a manifestation of the success of the national development of a country. Even education can be a superior competitiveness of a country. In other words, the strategic role of education in the nation's economic advancement. And this has been proven by industrial countries such as the new Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia, where the building of education facilities and infrastructure are seriously in the last ten years, the quality of life of nations continued to increase.

How to Indonesia. During the years that have education as the means of political authorities, ranging from primary education to universities. As a result of education slow (too slow), so it can not pursue claims changes. Education has not provided a significant contribution to the changes that occurred or are still very few (too little). Even education is often too late (too late) adapt the changes, so that education behind and has not been able to answer the challenges of the future. Factor is the cause because the policy is in addition tambal embroidery, also made in haste. Even the government has not yet assessed the vision and a clear commitment on education.

So that it can be said that Indonesia and a new orientation is to make changes to the education of academic education based to a competency-based education. This is the subject of technopreneurship about the need to be developed. It is not easy to do, but to be a challenge for us to advance this nation in the future.

Tata Sutabri S. Kom, MM


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