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Executive Lifestyle in the World Cyber

Nerd, tousled look, less sleep, rarely shower, hangouts day in front of the computer,
bercelana jeans or shorts and T-shirt shops for perhaps a clue
most of the people who work in the virtual world or the language of his cool-world
cyber. In the free thinking, free in the work, not tied to a particular office,
one institution that is clearly a characteristic pattern of thinking and work of the executive virtual

Is this true dilapangannya? I will try to depict a little
I experience during at least one more year to be retired civil servants, pensioners
ITB lecturers who do not work everywhere, not working on who-who, except for
community and all done from home, without institutions, without the side issue of
little importance any company, without salary, without a clear revenue.

Maybe some people from the shadow of the executive workers in the virtual world there
truth. True, there are many alternative pattern think that because I do not bind the
once by the same structure, by the company, by any institution. Themselves and how
see the problem will be very different with friends in a bind by the policy
institutions, government regulations, the desire to move up, down and afraid to lose
all powers not to be relevant. At the end of a cyber workers, working &
work for many people not only for themselves, but need to
many communities. How that his work, living beneficial for the community

The pattern used by the cyber community in the work actually very simple
once, all based on trust (Trust) among fellow community members. Kate
believe (trust) can not happen overnight, all happened in slow -
Coffee land through a process that can take months and even speaking
for many years. Coffee this process, carried out in very haphazard effisien &
cost-effective and carried out every minute, every hour, every day without know tired
through various places electronic discussion on the Internet, known as the mailing list.
One of the places the discussion on the Internet to become the favorite for most netters
Indonesia is serving tens of thousands of netters
The history of each other at any time.

Mutual security, trust is generally followed by discussions
physical, physical communication via phone and various physical meeting. Because
at the end of the meeting remain in the physical need for more convincing that again
the opponent we are talking really can trust. Do not be surprised if the frequency of
physical meeting friends netters this was much higher than colleagues
that does not use the Internet. As an illustration, at this time friends activists
the National Movement on as Heru Nugroho, RM
Roy Suryo, Mas Wigiantoro, Sumitro Roestam etc. ... including my haphazard, almost
be a lot of time spent in travel-travel to many
friend in the whole country. Many spend a lot of pains to his phone
talk to one another. Many spend the time to meet, discuss
with the many friends that we know this only on a computer screen. Thus
increasingly active in our mailing list on the Internet, the more often we will be traveling to meet
home / land together with fellow netters other. Because the development process of Trust
These meetings should occur through the physical. Indeed, our style meeting
family usually very, very simple as the old friends that
meet each other.

Various business and the business will happen to own it after the mutual trust
(Trust). To know each other strengths and weaknesses of each. Fill in for each other
achieve the same goal.
Perhaps as the art world, there are times when we work separately.
But there is time to work together to build a large paper. All
based on trust (Trust) and the freedom to think and to create. That is
an overview of cyber executive who was also an artist technology

Dr. Onno W Purbo


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