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Who is working with the Office Fearing

May not have been imagined by most of our parents that in this day and likely in the future work that is not identical with. In the tempo doeloe, working in the office may become a very prestigious and elite class in the grandparent generation, probably, like "Socialism or DEATH & our parents. If we work alone in the house - whew be bothered with the affairs of law and parents. In the seal is not useful, not used ... etc. For example, on this day, parents seem to be bite finger & accept the fact that the more precisely and more prestigious jobs that do not have you doing office work. Why? Because at the end of the scientist in a professional non-attendance office, but his target / results / achievement of objectives. Except in the institutions of government, attendance seems to be the paradigm still works - for bertugaslah safe and trusting fellow civil servants.

Perhaps because I was in the Internet world, in my many opportunities for many professionals with high mobility, even though the office has often leave his office - even if normal work done at home or while chatting and drinking coffee in the cafes along with partners - it. Leisure, hobbies, freedom and what they like is very dominant in the professional self is. Not that strange if we see them as professionals is not tied to the one office that remain. Jobs & kontrakan services that rely on the professionalism and expertise that is specific to be very dominant among professionals. Apparently, the skill and delight that a specific security professionals who are still young between the ages of 27-40s years.

Earnings in do not ask ... at least Rp. 5-10 million Monthly gross income is the worst among these professionals. Clearly, much better than the fresh graduate who generally Rp. 750,000 / month. It is still a bit of professional work earnestly free and very mobile, such as this, but the trend is toward very prominent, especially in young colleagues around the age of 30s. Is something longed to become the best in a healthy atmosphere of competition. Recognition is done directly by the community, not even the extraordinary if exposure by the mass media - because they are the best mechanism without KKN pure competition and fight.

Laptop, palmtop, personal digital assistance (PDA), mobile phones into devices that are commonplace for these professionals. Yah minimal access to that what is supported by mobile phones become characteristic of the young fellow. Communication is becoming intense particularity of the professionals, the e-mail traffic in the various mailing lists with a lot of news on the screen with each SMS mobile phone becomes integral part of their lives. Even most of the job-even in many send in the form of attachment in the e-mail. It is a joke sometimes some laughter among them, but it is part of the akraban to life in a world without limits in which many enjoy, especially by young professionals and students / students.

On a more serious level, if not shocked at the railway, airport waiting room, an aircraft professional view of the tie-typing keyboard, the Nokia 9230 or work online in the PDA / Palmtop Jornada its associated with the PCMCIA modem with a built-in aircraft handphone.

Unified messaging between SMS, e-mail, FAX technology to become the trigger, the unified messaging technology is very significant at this time - the integration between the SMS news to e-mail to FAX can become very interdependent and help the executive & bermanouver for the mobile professional in the world of information .

Trusting that their office is, the style of their work, lifestyle most young professionals who are very mobile on this day. Not impossible number of them will be many more in the future. Equipment investment of U.S. $ 400-1000 to be justified with the most gross income at least they are between U.S. $ 500-1000 / month.

When you are able to do it? Clearly not the time you have a laptop, palmtop or HP - it will happen with his own at the time you have a skill that is very specific expertise and professionalism is recognized to-ment by the community. Generally, my former students are able to reach the stage in 2-4 years time, if properly dipupuk & both in the schools in the university & high school.

May force be with you ....

Dr. Onno W Purbo


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