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Internet business revolution

Bill Gates is one of the last decade (for precisely 13 years) is not tergoyahkan number one position from the world's richest version of Forbes magazine. Can be if Bill Gates pan sac dolarnya 'only' from Microsoft Corp.., An American multinational company which was established early April 1975 and registered in Nasdaq in March 1986 with the MS or MSFT. Microsoft currently has more than 70,000 employees in 102 countries with a total market capitalization (the value of shares) 287 billion U.S. dollars in mid-August 2005. If your roads to all corners of Indonesia, the computer can be no more than 90 percent drop from the touch Microsoft.Namun, recently dikabarkan Bill Gates is panic, because the Microsoft-garanya difficulties "dominate" the Internet business, while more than 50 percent of internet users in the world are users of Internet Explorer (IE), one of Microsoft products. So who actually "can" by Bill Gates? Google, the answer.

Yahoo acquisition

As was dikabarkan by the New York Post, the news was broadcasted Microsoft maker is to Yahoo bernegoisasi the current value of market capitalization reached 50 billion U.S. dollars. Negotiations also allowed by the Wall Street Journal, although still not clear whether the acquisition or only form a joint venture. Positive impact for Yahoo with this issue is the increase in the value of shares of 17 percent.

By some analysts, the discussion between Microsoft and Yahoo is called as a step to menjegal Google in Internet search business, although many are still skeptical that Yahoo interested. Currently, the position of Yahoo and Microsoft are in the position of the second and third in the bottom of Google. Currently, more than 50 percent of the world's Internet users use Google as a search tool on the Internet.

Then whom Google? Is Google really menghunuskan pedangnya to Microsoft that Bill Gates panic? Google Inc.. Founded in early September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Similarly, with Bill Gates, Google founders also left the course at Stanford University to pursue dreams in Google. The difference between Bill Gates from Harvard University. Currently more than 20,000 people joined in the Googleplex, to the headquarters of Google. Google listed on Nasdaq in mid-August 2004 with the code GOOG, and recorded in mid-August 2005 the value of the market capitalization of 79.6 billion U.S. dollars, a quarter of the value of Microsoft at the same time. However, Google's shares have value is only 1 year since the IPO to make (Initial Public Offering) in the previous year.

Eric Schmidt, Google petinggi one, never sesumbar that Microsoft is the giant who is pregnant with the successes that have been passed. According to him, Microsoft is rooted in a long phase of the technology that has been left behind by kedigdayaan Internet. Based on this viewpoint, the role of the Microsoft continues to decline, while Google increased. "You go around in a stage that is far larger bets with greater also," said Eric. "We compete with Yahoo every day. In fact, Microsoft recently announced its participation in this market. Now they can not yet be called a competitor, but I believe they continue to try. "

The clear for Schmidt if he considers Bill Gates panic when witnessing the performance of Google's unusual in that short time. Even during the IPO, Google had predicted the same boat with Netscape, the company that became symbols of the Internet explosion in pengujung 1990-before dilindas by Microsoft. An article from Fortune journalist, Fred Vogelstein, titled "Why Google Scares Bill Gates" the more competition, which explains the extraordinary two days of this company is different.

Google's dominance is recognized by many parties such as the one published in Business Week magazine's Indonesian edition published in May 2007, is tercantumnya Google in the second as the company's innovative version of the Boston Consulting Group, while Microsoft is ranked fifth. What is interesting is when Google offices to develop applications that can be accessed online through the Google Apps brand in which there are applications such as Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, which dikolaborasikan directly with the e-mail through Gmail brand, with brand-messenger Google Talk, Google also Calendar, and Google Apps application can be dikustomisasi using its own brand as well as we have a virtual office.

The Google Apps services is to compete directly with Microsoft Office Live, an online service owned by the application of Microsoft office. However, Google Apps still more superior added value through collaboration with services that have been mentioned before. Through Google Docs or Google Spreadsheets, we can also edit documents created by Microsoft applications. At a later time, Google's service will be against the hegemony of Microsoft's Office. It is no secret that Microsoft pan sac dolarnya the most is from the operating system and office software such as MS Office.

Is still considered "Bubble"

From the above explanation, which should be recognized is the business revolution, the Internet has created Google in a short time become a global company calculated many more parties. In fact, said Google may be richer than most small countries. The question, the Internet revolution in Indonesia?

Some business consultant in Indonesia is still considered a business on the Internet is something that still Bubble, is too much to be discussed, much moonshine. These conditions occur when indeed in 2000, which triggered many Internet entrepreneurs, so do expectations encourage more quickly to get the IPO to make quick fortune, even menggelembungkan operational costs due to expectations will get a fortune in fast time. However, this is not balanced factors such as the business market conditions, culture, and others.

This is not only happening in the United States, a similar kind in Indonesia, many Internet entrepreneurs like KopiTime roll mats, Mweb, true, and the other. The difference, in the most influential factor is the penetration of the Internet infrastructure and the direct impact on market conditions.

These fears are apparently not reaching for some companies. If the previously mentioned Google as the King Midas of the Internet, also have,,,,, and many others still exist even begin reap the fruit of hard work consistency in the results business on the Internet. Here will not be written about the classification of the types of business, which is considered reap fortune in the Internet business, or how the perpetrators of that business to do so. So that the center of gravity is Now is the time revolution, the Internet business.

Although still need to keep trace data to see when conditions in the Internet, the Internet when market conditions changed, and this is relatively better than previous years. So, as saying that dipopulerkan Peter F. Drucker, "The best way to predict the future is to start" Now is started and we must start.



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