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Knowledge Commerce

Public Internet increasingly rampant, a small investment with the possibility of a quick ROI in just in Presence Garnet & Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Indonesia is very important for services on the Internet such as online media. Without access to the Internet users will Die services on the Internet. But things such as his other business access, ISP & Garnet is a business with a marginal profit. Bundling with other services that will support the overall business access.

Services on the Internet no less rampant - the lack of regulatory information memarakan online media in Indonesia, in addition to the print and electronic media. online media, golly! Com, etc. are true. Add more vibrant world Matt assisted with media penetration of the press and publishing partners, such as campus, based peer students. Also on the unforgettable colleagues AJI, which adds a lively coverage of independence.

Of course, here we are talking data, facts and information. Data, facts and information in komodity peers is a very hot (perhaps even most heat) if we see a high online media. Clearly visible in the cache server at the campuses will be places online media on top of the ranking of web pages most frequently in Internet access by the user in Indonesia. Hit rate higher stock prices helped the online media.

Trade materials and services are also not lose interest in e-commerce, e-business to attract many actors around in it. Lippo-e-net and equivalent institutions start moving with his roadshow to form a community. It has not been set but online media is quite promising.

If the note is in the business / business access followed by the material transactions, data, information thereon. With the simple logic, there should be strata transactions higher than simply the material, data, facts and information. Strata knowledge (knowledge) and the last Wisdom is not usually traded in a vulgar. Both the strata is higher than just data, facts and information.

Many are not yet a portal "transactions" knowledge, traditional forms of transactions are still done as a consultant as, ac.dom, Or in formal academic education, such as distance, which is also currently still done the conventional. Platform for Internet-based information technology allows the acceleration of the transaction information and knowledge - this platform should change the paradigm of the learning process of empowering the knowledge that for at anut this. Fast or slow disintermediasi will occur in the body accreditation audit & accreditation process so that brokers and the audit will be directly by the people. Evaluation accreditation audit knowledge will be someone from a person's ability views in a transparant by the public, assisted by the electronic media, in a simple transaction domain knowledge implicit, explicit in the Internet-based platform will eventually allow the public to performance audits done by someone easily. The concept of a diploma, accreditation, the state exam to become blurred - do it all? In the e-Millennium platform that enables society audits occur?

Knowledge commerce become a hot commodity on the accreditation body disintermediasi & audits occur and the amount of the existence of large mass of people versed in the platform that allows information society audits occur. Knowledge management will become the main gateway in domain knowledge commerce; different online media portals that we know this. Portal knowledge management must be able to process transactions between the implicit knowledge of human interaction through media such as mailing list, to the knowledge explicit form of documents, research results, which are integrated in the digital library, and the last of the potential in the form of the results of the analysis of raw data and the spread of various information. Embryo knowledge commerce has actually looks like in the digital library by the ITB team led by Ismail Fahmi ( related to the network of 20 libraries, knowledge management initiatives are also supported by the Telecommunications Research & Development Foundation of Indonesia (YLTI) .

Dr. Onno W Purbo


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