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Internet Revolution

Internet Content begins with the text-based information. Then, text-based information is incomplete if without the picture. Text and images eventually be equipped with sound. It is now less than complete without moving pictures or video.

Video is now not enough if only archive recording in the pattern on demand. Online video in real-time streaming current pattern also increasingly become a public demand on the Internet. Internet tape width (broadband), electronic chip products and media storage (storage), which is increasingly cheap factors that enrich the various types of applications on the Internet.

The bulk and personalnya tools digital IP (Internet Protocol) also affects the growth of industry content. The attractive power of multimedia eventually also be made for the moment to attract the attention of the public to stop and stand at a site. With the increasingly wide spread network tape to the home and handheld mobile communication equipment, the future of the Internet application is dominated by video. Pemicunya is because many handheld video recorder to create a compact, all people can create video content. The presence of various sites video podcasts and video blogs as a continuation of a weblog (blog) to strengthen the arena this video on the Internet.

In the equipment more derasnya Internet video content delivered many innovations with the birth of the various devices that are increasingly spoil the user through one tool with many functions. Slingbox outputs integrate television and satellite receiver, DVR and Internet communications tape width that is controlled by software from personal computers.

World video on the Internet at this time diramaikan with business content Agregator invite the public free of charge to be able to save and share video files. From the content, video, public Internet is also used by the presidential candidates in 2008 from the Democratic party John Edwards in the United States to "sell" vision since December 2006.

Trends strong video applications that increasingly take swift by the search engine giant Google to buy YouTube worth 1.65 billion dollars. Time only a year after Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim founded the business in 2005. The large amount of mass and "tersedot" YouTube to bring YouTube into five major versions of the world's leading site Alexa 2005. For Google, YouTube facilities in the increasingly strengthening its position as Agregator various content. This means that the mass number of users and disgorge aimed at Google from a variety of applications will be more meraksasa amount.

If Google with YouTube, he also made other Jeremy Allaire, the commander BrightCove believes that the public will be directly related to the content owners. Content owners will be more easily make the distribution directly to the public.

Only beginning to accommodate the concept of personal video blogs, with the motto "Launch Your Channel Today" Brightcove developed into a facilitator to hold a public broadcast TV on the Internet. With the pattern for the results of Brightcove also sells and places ads on the Internet. In business, a line of big names such as Fox Entertainment Group, National Geographic Channel, British Sky Broadcasting and other business partners Brightcove, which is currently in a large organization of Internet TV. For the industry, the video clearly that the presence of the Internet TV business will create a map of the distribution of the video to be changed.

Like BrightCove, jarring the distribution of video content is also disergap by Dave.TV since 2003. Not only facilitate video content delivery, but also to Dave.TV services to online advertising strategy that is in any content accessed. Dave insert ads that have been adjusted to the profile, demographic and geographic area. To advertisers, Dave also directly provide accurate data on who and how the behavior area to see the ad. Clear that online video finally order to change the advertising industry.

Video for mobile Internet.

Video services from home are also still reaching toward mobile applications. As done, the company that calls in the Netherlands, which supports hundreds of mobile phone brands. facilitate the application of various video formats to be used and transferred through the cellular phone device. Applications such as this mengakselerasi the use of mobile video is passed to the Internet through mobile devices.

In Indonesia, no wonder if the presence of various new technologies such as 3G and feels like slow market absorbed. Even consumers can be said of Indonesia's most trendy in this area. The impression arose operator is not ready to partner with local content output that is easily digested by our community. The fact that local content and the number of developers who are still limited, should be recognized. However, the selling and persuasion power to customers will be stronger when the peddler in the front line equipped with a variety of multimedia applications across the Internet and will certainly enrich the inspiration for the user.

Facing the Internet revolution.

Many of the Internet revolution that changed the world economic order is not enough just to give followed. However, at least to shift the thinking patterns and steps for entry into a new economic era. That, according to David Ticoll (2000) that the company has long it can become part of the new economy - if the company is adopting a new business model. Model when the strength of content to be magnets for the mass. Model information when power is influencing the decision to buy the public. Business model that requires affiliates and alliances to strengthen ties network. Business model that continues antisipatif against competitors who menggurita with information and ready to devour the existence of our business.

In the macro, the various reviews on the many outside India. However, keep in mind that access to global information on the Internet no longer recognize geographical boundaries and sovereignty of a country. Although the Internet has been in Indonesia for more than ten years, but various forms of business as the new economy does not stop in Indonesia. Impact of the Internet business for a while now but the beginning of the Internet revolution, which continues to engulf the world. Without didorongnya Internet-based business in Indonesia, this situation will continue and foreign exchange, we will continue to tersedot outside when Click start, hosting service, online payment transactions, renting bandwidth, up to the e-mail-free is still dominated by other countries.


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The book industry is also facing a major change just like the music industry. Audio book downloads are begining to make a real dent.


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