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Insurance What's We Need

Quoted from Tabloid NOVA No. 787/XIV

Human plan, but God also determine that. This expression is commonly heard, and we may also have been there since the days of yore. If the snow did we, the phrase is actually contain a hidden message: life is full of risk. What? Many, Mr.-Mother. From the small risk, such as tepeleset in the bathroom, until the risk of loss of property, members of the body, even death.

The question now, whether we should assign only, or in fact do the best preparation for the guard in case the risk is to arrive. As financial planners, of course, I recommend the last option. I mean not to invite you to think pessimistic, but otherwise seemed to invite you to think far ahead. There are many goals in front of it you still want to achieve. Therefore, in achieving the objectives before, you should also prepare ourselves facing a number of risks that may occur.

One of the anticipated risk that you can do is to take a number of insurance. Here I will inform the various risks that may occur to you, and manages to insurance.

1. Death

The risk of death can occur at any time without the blue. When the die is a kara, certainly not a problem. Repotnya if the death is still have dependent children or other family members. How would they? From which they can eat and pay school fees?

If you currently have other people whose lives you responsibility, of course, the life insurance should be considered. If there is life insurance, the people you leave behind will get some insurance money that he can use to pay for his life. So, there is a third party that will "keep" the people you leave behind.

There are many insurance companies that provide this service. All strive to provide the best service with a variety of other cajolery. You need not hurry themselves or close vote. Use your time to qualify a company which bid and provide the best service.
2. Accident

Wherever you are, the risk of accidents would still exist. Your plane, train, ship, little chance of any kind always there. In fact, there are incidents of people running in the open field suddenly fall aircraft. There is also a bus had hit a home nyelonong and mencelakai of the residents are sleeping.

What happens if you have an accident? You will usually be taken to the hospital. You also will stay if the injuries you need treatment long enough. The worst result, your disability. Can be one of the organs of the body or you do not work. As a result, you can no longer work and earn money.

Therefore, Mr., Mrs., to anticipate the risk is taken only accident insurance. Insurance, accident insurance provides money when you have an accident that should be treated in the hospital Inap, experienced disability or even death. Just as the death of insurance, there are many companies that offer accident insurance. Generally, they provide an affordable premium.
3. Ill

Pain is expensive. If you get sick, at least you have to go to the doctor so that there is a consultation fee you must pay. Not to drugs, and if Inap treated in hospital. Yes, if there is money. If not? Some hospitals are now requesting advance before you enter treatment. Yet again if you need an operation.

To guard from this situation, you can take health insurance. Compared to some years ago, now more and more insurance companies to sell this product. There are products that provide a replacement hospital alone, or the replacement of hospital outpatient reimbursement plus, plus drugs also. Now, you live alone determine the best options to suit your needs.
4. Music of the House

Recently we witnessed frequent occurrence of the fire. Both the market, office or residential. Now, if it falls to befall the house you live now, imagine what will happen. Repotnya, not all people have enough money to rebuild their houses affected by landslide, so many that eventually must stay at home brother, or more Apes in emergency tents. For this kind of landslide insurance is also available. Usually, the price is quite affordable.
5. Music of the Vehicle

You have a car or motorcycle? Your vehicle is also likely to have accidents. Now if only this drive, can be almost the only other vehicle memepet-mepetkan problems light to my vehicle. And it happened almost every day, especially in large cities. Even have to drive carefully can still be victims due RADIO other drivers who do not know the rules.

When the risk of accident is quite big, harmless to car insurance. Furthermore when the vehicle is to support you in search of sustenance. When you asuransikan, when the damage occurs, the insurance company who will to bear.

In conclusion, there are a variety of insurance that you prioritize. Then you can determine whether it needs to take some or all of need. You know the exact condition of your self.

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