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Virtual Credit Card, for verification Paypal

Dear Netter,

You already know what that is a Paypal site that serves as a mediator of payment, or receive payments from other people.
Almost exactly with a bank, where you can transfer money from one account to another account.

Paypal in the service received more than millions of sites that sell products is a good goods, services, software, etc..

This, for instance you want to buy a software on certain sites, and sites seller accepts paypal as a payment, then you simply transfer the money only to the paypal account, to transfer paypal, you must have a paypal account first, and account paypal you must be verified.

To create a paypal account is not difficult, you just fill out the registration data with a complete and correct in accordance with the existing card in your identity.

To fill your Paypal account is easy, there are many exchanger, which receive the e-currency exchange. for example, is the site , For example, you have the money in the account of Liberty reserve, e-gold, e-bullion, etc., then you can change money in your e-currency is a currency Paypal.

But even if you have a fund of 1 Million Dollars for example, will be free paypal account if you have not been verified. in karenakan paypal account if you have not been verified you can not do your funds to your account at the Bank Indonesia,
eg from paypal would transfer to the account at the Bank BCA you.

Besides, If the account has not been verified paypal, you can only transfer of $ 100 / month, more than $ 100 can not.

So that you verified paypal account, you must enter data to your credit card, for instance, the card number, date expired, ID Card, etc..
This is for the owner of a credit card is not a problem, but how do not have a credit card? Well, perhaps the explanation about the Virtual Credit Card can be the solution.

What is a Virtual Credit Card?

Virtual Credit Card is a credit card, the difference between this card is not shaped plastic, can not hold on, only the data that credit card information only.

For example, if you buy a Virtual Credit Card, you will only receive information, such as below in your email:

Card Number: 16 digits
Expired Date: month / year (month / date valid card)
ID Card / CVV2: 3 digits

But although Virtual credit card is only the form data, the information is functioning as you have a real credit card, with the notes you only use the Internet only, if at the mall - shopping malls, real shops, gosh you can catch in the satpam, cooking pay card use virtual one.

This virtual credit card you can also use paypal for verification.

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