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TERMS Entrepreneurs dipopulerkan by an Austrian economist named Joseph Schumpeter (1883 - 1950). According to Schumpeter's overall economic perbuahan process ultimately depends on personal behavior, namely Entrepreneurs (wiraswastawan) Kewiraswastawan (entrepreneurship) first menyakut changes. The wiraswastawan see the changes as the norm and something healthy. Usually they do not create the change themselves, because they themselves are usually not the inventor. However, this determine wiraswastawan and entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurs always looking for a change, and utilize it as an opportunity. Each ditanggapinya changes in creative and innovative.
Entrepreneurship with different management. Entrepreneurship is the power to initiate changes in the management prosuksi while covering a pro card for the merger duksi. Therefore, management refers to the coordination of the process, without stopping production which can be viewed as a merger without a stoppage of the production process, which can be seen as compounding continuously from the factors of production. While entrepreneurship is the symptoms that are not continuous, which appear to start the changes of the production process and then lost to appear again to start the other changes again. While the information is data that can be used as a basis for taking decisions. Information is the "heart of the problem because the open doors of success" said Herb Cohen.

Smart means clever or smart or wise. Confucius said, "If you are not clever, you have to be smart." Definition is broader enrteprenuer smart people who are able to create new business and creative and innovative and take risks with the uncertainties and to achieve profit growth in a way to Identify the opportunities and and the threat to combine with the resources they had. The essence of smart Entrepreneurs username right brain and left brain or the optimal use of intuition and the intelligent information. Intuition is a heart murmur. Intuition is the ability to know things without conscious thought.
People, including a smart Entrepreneur is Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple Macintosh) Henry Ford (Ford Motor), Seichiro Honda (Honda), Akio Morita (Sony), Konusuke Matsushita (Matsushita), Anita Roddick (The Body Shop), Sam Walton (Wal-Mart), Jerry Yang (Yahoo), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Piere Omidyar (eBay) and so forth. Most of the Entrepreneur of the world's top Entrepreneurs as a smart Entrepreneurs. They combine information and intuition to achieve business success. Bill Gates, for example, when the opportunity to see that Apple and IBM would not license its operating system to computer manufacturer, then this information by Bill Gates with intuisinya and arrested, he cut off going to make the operating system and give license to be used by the computer manufacturer. The first operating system created by Bill Gates of Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS), which ultimately controls the market, 80% of the entire operating system used at that time. Kesusksesan Bill Gates also continues with the emergence of Windows that is currently very successful and has been the emergence of the new Windows XP.
Steve Jobs has been getting information that there is a need in the market that used computers personally. Intuisinya with Steve Jobs to make a personal computer (PC) that are easily used by ordinary people. The first product, the Apple Macintosh. Steve Jobs, co-partner partner Steve Wozniak first to make this machine in a garage.

Henry Ford utilizing information about most of the population Amreika intend to have a car, but they do not, have enough money to buy them. Henry eventually produce a car with intuisinya en masse to the price of the car is affordable by the United States in the year 1903. The first car is a car that diabuat Model A. After one year, he can sell 600 cars per month. In the years 1908 to 1927 have sold 15 million cars a model T. In the year 1919, Ford resign as President of the company, which is replaced by her sons Edsel. Annual car sales soar into 2,120,898 in 1923 while Ford controls the more ndari market of 57 cars in the United States.

Education institutions Primagama use of information and intuition to this menjulangkan name. One of the ideas I Purdi, when it became Director of the ideas that have touched, Supervising Insurance Accepted Test Program. Warranties vary with the word guaranteed. Guaranteed, if accepted would mean the Universities Affairs, but that depends on the assurance means students and Primagama. Primagama provide assurance, if not State Universities do not pay enough money to Rp administration. 10.000, - but if received in state universities students, in accordance with the pay he promised. To be accepted at the Universities Affairs, Primagama also asked students to study hard and be given a high motivation to learn can have a high spirit. Pak Purdi idea is intuition. Then when I was a manager of Research and Development Primagama add information that must be students Primagama students proficient, it's how to be students Primagama time favorite ituberasal from high school in Yogyakarta, among others, SMA 1, SMA 2, SMA 3 and so forth. If a student Primagama comes from high school - high school favorite, the dibimbingpun not likely be accepted at the Universities Affairs, let alone be in Primagama. In fact, the correct way of thinking Primagama, received at the Universities of more than 90%, due to fool the students choice. Then the students who received their students in universities to install one of these pages in Kedaulatan Rakyat daily, so that people know of Yogya Guidance Test Primagama. That is the point of initial magnitude of the Board of Education Primagama. The decision is a decision that intelligent Entrepreneurs from the combine intuition with information. This can happen if we behave mentally positive.


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