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IT Revolution

World revolution in information technology or IT, which requires all people to follow progress

Information technology not only covers the device komputerasi (hardware) and applications supporting applications (software), but also human resources that use it (brainware).
In this decade, the use of technology by intitas business continues to increase. Many computer systems used to help the performance of an organization, for example, a system of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) of connect the business process in each individual work units.

Utilization of this technology revolution is one of the prerequisites for improving the management of the organization. In this case the application of technology in Indonesia Foundation deliveryman, I Refine into two factors that are related to each other, the software support organization and the user (human resources). Both these factors can not be separated. Technology can not be implemented without the organization. And the organization will not be effective without the application of information technology.

At a certain point, technology innovation affect not only the technical competence of human resources, but also stimulate "technology knowledge" of human resources in the organization, which form the basic assumptions and patterns of human resources perspective to the process of internal and inter-organizational units.

Utilization of information technology in the messenger and the Foundation on the implementation of the tasks and functions of human resources in creating the color Foundation for the Management Foundation. Application of Information Technology, aims to improve the competitiveness of the organization. Information technology will become one of the backbone of a competitive, if applied with the appropriate technology will be able to with all aspects of entities in the foundation.

Viewing from the goal, then the investment is a need for IT foundation. IT investment and the implementation of this will impact on the lives of several areas of the organization, such as systems and organizational structure
or human resource management model.

The implementation of some benefit in the field of IT human resources is

- The system allows the IT human resources play an active role in strategic planning organization

- IT integrate and store all information deliveryman in a databank, and is therefore in the process of planning, the human resources can take a global perspective on supply and demand for human resources development interpreted in a way that is more effective

- Human Resource Management Information System to facilitate storage and access to the records management data deliveryman vital for the organization. In addition to internal data, with the Intranet facilities built in the foundation, the human resources can benefit from direct access to the databank that contains information for the preparation of the strategy of empowering the deliveryman.

Speed changes in the IT and application systems and a process of internal organization will be hampered if human resources does not have sufficient skills to operate the technology and system. For that human resources will be given training and development in the formulation of the appropriate stages of implementation with the IT system. With the development of human resources will be capable of adapting to berubahan pattern of work there.


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