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Games' Bush thrown Shoes 'Be Money Source

London - One of the game throwing shoes on the Internet at George W Bush, Sock and Awe, make the author fall blessing. The game was successfully sold via auction site eBay with prices quite expensive.

Is Alex Tew, a British men's home game that can improve the site played it. Millions of Internet users have to play it at this time and of course make the popular online game.

Video games such as these are indeed many events related to some time ago in which the United States president, George W Bush is being thrown shoes at a visit to Iraq. Perpetrators who was a journalist even considered as heroes.

However, many users saking game 'Sock and Awe', a server owned by Alex Tew also be overload. He confessed to maintain overwhelmed server remains stable.

That is, Tew was finally decided to melegonya only via eBay, just a lapse of four days since the game creation. This step is effective because many parties want to buy with prices quite expensive.

The successful bidder is a company buy the Internet home of English redeem the price of U.S. $ 7818. Dilansir such as Reuters and cited detikINET, Monday (22/12/2008).

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