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Tips & Tricks Google AdSense for beginners

I have not apply Google AdSense (GA) is often denied or apply in adsense, may start with English-speaking Blog - Update at least 1 - 2 Month OK if the new GA apply.
This step is a 90% likelihood of success with a note of your site is not illegal site (hackers, porn, download Crack), and others, and the site should also be updated frequently in regularly. Blog is free and fast solution, rather than netter domain or buy out the money for hosting. After his public blog, buy domain solutions can be done, and bloggers to provide facilities for it.

The site should netter English-language learner if Indonesia or mixture will usually rare out-text ads, Google, with 99% out of service ad (but can diakalin violate TOS - Terms of servises) unless the site has annual netter (more than 1 - 2 years) new ad out that if the Indo mixture can sometimes Indo and also English and sometimes can come out "ad services."

Never you mencurangin Google because sooner or later, netter would be discovered. Read the TOS before because every 3 - 6 months once the new provisions there is certainly a day I see more and more complicated ... 90% of the GA would have been cheating to make good on intentionally or not, most often in foul will tire, if the most rare diperingatin first.

I want to increase traffic to the site can use free ways:
- List all the sites in search engines, particularly Google, Yahoo and MSN (do every 2 Sunday)
- Tukeran links / banners with fellow site
- Send e-mail to know, I know it (do not spam) or put the signature in your e-mail
- Use the signature site netter when posting in the forum
- Mailing lists can sometimes help (also do not spam)
- Update site and create interactive and informative so that the interest for the incoming
- Perform any origin do not SPAM does not violate TOS & GA

Alternatively netter must pay with a prominent banner in the other sites, which according to your taste with what you promote or pairs with Google AdWords. Never pay sites that promise thousands of visitors because the traffic is only temporary and is prohibited by the GA.

Do not make spam netter in any campaign for the site because spammers be among the virtual world, and that spam is usually bad reputation and there will be increased traffic, albeit briefly, but for the long term will not had a good, and the site will be netter in the "blacklists". Do not be so annoying because the Indo netter have been labeled with bad reputation in the Internet as a netter contentious cracker, pirate copyright, nipu own nation and the last start-SPAM loved hobby.

Netter can affiliate with clickbank, or Amazon's other nambah revenue for your site. Position the appropriate placement of the ad, view sites and often in the news update can also make a profit apart netter

Should have the site netter. Com or. Net (not free domain such as. Cc, or, etc.), albeit in the first blogger (blogspot) enough help from Google. This is because in the web world is very competitive, and many use the sites were not. Com or. Net rarely enter the top ten ranking except netter find words for it's unique, or netter very informative site with news provides a useful for many people. If they take so long to be in the top position except netter advertise the site.

Netter should have a hobby to write articles, because not only netter site contains information taken from other sites, and rating sites will slow the increase. Even if netter taken from the site and other people continued edits and in-the-perbagus, please cantumin source, because this is a code of ethics journalists. Our articles on the Internet also often dibajak netter without mencamtumkan other source from where.
Study sharing and mutual respect fellow netter, if netter including those who like to make, no, please reduced and removed long time ...

This last is the most important "never surrender", because all people and I also start from zero. Everything there is always the outset. Learn, learn, and learning is the key if they want success in this field, and I still do to this day



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