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7 Causes Currency Insurance Not In Pay

Quoted from No. Tabloid Nova. 744/XIII

Insurance? Ahhh ..., I have the neighbors often, did offer insurance. But I was interested in baseball. It was their promise and I ... "Yes, some of you may think that it can provide insurance promises without any evidence. However, if you have to prove? If not, perhaps you should first take insurance, to prove whether the new Insurance Company (PA) that you refuse or promises, including that good.

PA cases that promise should be disbelieved cases per case, do not digeneralisasi. That is, not only because of a PA does not fulfill the promise, and you assume all the PA is based. No dibayarnya insurance money by a PA can be due to many things. So, this article will discuss what are the causes of the sum of life insurance is not paid to customers.


Not all claims due to the failure of payment by the PA. Can also cause the customers themselves. Generally, there are five mistakes that can cause a customer The money is not paid by insurance:

1. Customer Dishonesty

Before a person has a life insurance product, he must first Mail Application (SP) Insurance. In the AL, there are questions that must be answered by a prospective customer, and from the answers that the PA will see whether it will provide life insurance protection to you or not.

Now, this is the time to fill SP prospective customers often do not provide the right answers. For example, in the AL, there are questions about whether you have been treated in hospitals in the last two years. If you answer no - at the hospital had treated six months ago, for example - when the deaths occurred in the PA and you find that you are the cause of death because of a disease that never make you enter the hospital about six months ago, no ... hope that the PA will not pay UP that they promised.

2. The existence of exclusion by the PA to pay the sum

Sometimes Life does not give the PA the benefits that they promised when the cause of death appeared to exclude you (and the exception is written in the policy). About this exception, generally the PA set number of exceptions that vary. However, generally is:

1. Death due to suicide
2. Death because of the conduct criminal offense
3. Death due to AIDS
4. Death due to critical illness, where the death occurred in the first year he was the insurance program from the PA concerned
5. Death due to force majeure, or things that can not be avoided, such as war, natural disasters, or the hurly-burly

So, often the exception, there are exceptions in the police is not read by customers, so it felt injured when the sum is not paid by insurance. Therefore, if you have an insurance policy, sempatkan again to read the articles in the existing policy.

3. Customers too long to submit claims

Generally, the PA set a time limit proposed insurance claim. Typically, the time limit set is three months. Repotnya, customers often claim outside the time limit, thus fulfilling the PA difficult.

For example, your husband to follow a program with the Life Insurance as your beneficiary. When death occurs in your husband, then you can only get insurance benefits that were promised when you claim the proposal is still in a time of three months after the death. If not, insurance companies may not want to provide the benefits that they promised.

Now, you can know how long the time limit given by the PA to submit your claim in death? You can read it at your insurance policy. After that, if it really happens risk death, all claims submitted to the PA.

4. Terms of the proposed claim is less complete

PA usually ask a number of requirements when the proposed claim occurred when the right people at risk of death by. The requirements that often are not fulfilled or completed by the heirs customers, so the PA certainly can not directly pay their claims.

Typically, the requirements demanded by the PA if you want to submit a death claim is:

1. Death Certificate from the RT / RW local
2. Letter from the Police Accident description (if death occurred because of an accident)
3. Certificate from the hospital (if death occurs in the RS), where the letter was signed by the doctor concerned
4. Filling in forms of Claim issued by the PA
5. Photocopies of identity Heirs

So, if there is the risk of death, do not forget to meet all the requirements demanded by the PA. Call difficult, huh?

5. No dibayarnya premium by customers in the time period specified

This is clear. If you do not pay premiums according to a specified period of time, can become your insurance policy does not apply anymore. This means that you no longer protected by insurance. This is often the case. In the beginning, customers pay a premium diligent, but at a certain time, the premium is no longer paid, even up to a certain time limit. This is just the same as if you use electricity and do not pay it in a certain time limit, so the electricity in your house threatened disconnected by the PLN.

Therefore, make sure you know your premium payment rules. Do not until your insurance policy does not apply to become only more turbulence you forget to pay premiums on time.


Apart from the customer, not dibayarnya Insurance Money can also be caused by an error caused by the PA PARTY. There are actually several, but the public occurred only two:

1. Dishonesty Insurance Agents in the present insurance products

Insurance Agents can you honestly not present in the product's Insurance. For example, when met, he said that the PA will pay UP Insurance if death is caused critical illness, including when the risk occurs in the first year. In general, is not the case.

Indeed, the PA does not have the same policy. So my suggestion, what you see in your insurance policy that should be used as a reference, not from any of Insurance Agents. Generally, the PA to provide such Money Back Guarantee if you had not satisfied the articles listed in the police. You can restore the polisnya, and your money will be returned. Of course, during the refund policy will be in a certain time limit set by the PA, which is usually 30 to 90 days.

Then, if all Insurance Agents can not be trusted? Yes, baseball, folks. That, to return to the people. Do not turbulence there is one agent who 'baseball drama,' and then you equate all insurance agents in this world 'but never'. Once again, it all back to the character of each.

Now, to prove whether the presentation given by Insurance Agent, you only live match with the Insurance issued. When the same, the insurance agent that you can be honest and trustworthy. If not, he reported it Insurance Company on it.

2. The company is recalcitrant

If you meet all the requirements asked, to fill in the SP honest, diligent pay a premium, sending the proposal of the claim still in the time period specified, but your claim is also not paid, try to check again. Only company that can be undisciplined.


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