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Oracle profit of U.S. $ 1.3 billion

San Francisco (Bloomberg): Oracle Corp., software producer in the world's second largest, recorded little change in profit in the quarter after customers II to update the annual contract.

Recorded net income of U.S. $ 1.3 billion, or U.S. $ 25 cents per share, the same as the previous year, said the company based in Redwood City, California in this statement to PR Newswire.

Including income from the acquired companies, sales rose 6% to U.S. $ 5.69 billion in the period ended 30 November, the decline from the average of estimates collected Bloomberg.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Larry Ellison, 64, has spent more funds from U.S. $ 34.5 billion for the maker and a number of companies to add customers. This step provides a source of income for the Oracle contract from supporters.

The majority of clients automatically renew the agreement, which contributed to the profit even though sales to weaken the new products.

Not including the cost of acquisition and compensation, recorded a profit of U.S. $ 34 cents per share, in line with analyst estimations. They project sales of U.S. $ 5.82 billion.

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