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Google Earth Discover 'Lost World'

London - In the past, the adventurers must not squander of direction to find the areas that have not dijamah. But now, scientists can rely on online map service Google Earth to find new exploration areas.

Begitupun with a group of scientists from the British group called Kew Gardens. They succeeded to find area berjuluk 'lost world', full of rare and exotic species thanks to the help of Google Earth.

'The world is missing' in the form of virgin forest that is still not tereksplorasi and Mozambique in the country, in the area of Mount Mabu. The wild life experts, ignoring previous medannya because this region is difficult and the war in Mozambique, which continues to berkecamuk.

After researching via Google Earth, researchers have come to the UK 'lost world' that. So far, in a short time they have found the exotic species such as the dwarf chameleon, a new species of butterfly, giant snakes, and rare bird colonies.

Head expedition, Jonathan Timberlake will be surprised that the number of wild life that they find there. Previously, scientists had not have come to the area, the name was not even in the conventional map.

In fact, according to Jonathan, Mozambique is also most people do not realize the existence of that place. Luckily, scientists successfully find this via Google Earth. Such as dilansir DailyMail and cited detikINET, Tuesday (23/12/2008).


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