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What is an Endowment Sale?

An endowment sale is a transaction that takes place when an endowment policyholder decides to sell the policy. An endowment policy buyer is the entity who purchases the endowment, usually a company that specializes in making this type of purchase. An endowment policy is a regular savings or investment plan combined with life insurance in a single policy. If the owner dies before the policy reaches maturity, the endowment policy life insurance company pays out a specified amount of money.

There are a number of ways an endowment sale can take place. First, an endowment sale can be handled personally, with the policy owner contacting an endowment purchasing company. This type of endowment sale is fairly easy to complete, and most financial advisors will walk the policyholder through the process.

Another way to complete an endowment sale is at an endowment auction, or through what is referred to as a market maker. A market maker is a window through which endowment policy traders can make offers to purchase policies. It is akin to the stock market, but on a much smaller and calmer level. In this type of endowment sale, the policy trader can farm out the policy and get a better price by offering it in the open market.

There are two primary types of endowment policies: unit linked and with profits. A unit linked endowment policy involves monthly premiums that are invested into units. The value of this policy can fluctuate depending on the performance of the investment.

If there is strong economic growth, a unit linked endowment policy is the best option. If the market is down, however, so is the value of the endowment. The current value of the policy has an impact on the outcome of the endowment sale.

The more traditional endowment policy is the with profits variety. This type has a guaranteed value and will never go below a specific amount. This is the safer route for those not willing to take a risk with the unit linked policy.

Cashing in an endowment policy is a major decision. There are many alternatives to an endowment sale that are worth exploring before taking such a big step. Most individuals seek an endowment sale because of drastic changes in their circumstances, such as divorce or a change in mortgage arrangements. More recently, a low maturity projection by the endowment policy issuer has become another reason to carry out an endowment sale.

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