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Is it insurance?
When we think about insurance, which is the first to be freed from financial losses due to accidents that come unexpectedly. Because of insurance purposes, basically to reduce the uncertainty of the possibility of unexpected damage. In general, insurance is defined as an agreement in which an underwriter to make a bond with the insured to receive a premium for the replacement of him because of a loss, damage or loss that may be experienced as a result of an unexpected event.

What is the benefit of insurance?
Insurance, known in Indonesia, including life insurance, insurance, and health insurance. Insurance is insurance that protects the property of the house and its contents, for example, apartment, car, and others.
Car insurance is intended to protect the various threats from the danger that an unexpected smash, for example, the theft of several cars or even own a car is stolen. By protecting the car with insurance, we can drive a car with a sense of calm and safe to travel anywhere.
The type of car insurance consists of:
car insurance vehicle
Combined Insurance (Comprehensive) or All Risk
Ensure that losses from accidents large and small, or loss of equipment with the addition of coercion / or destruction of the vehicle lost.
car insurance vehicle
Insurance Total (Total Loss Only / TLO)
Ensure that losses from the accident with minimum damage to 75% of the price of the vehicle or lost.

Besides the basic protection such as the above, car insurance also provides insurance, for example, expanding the legal liability of third parties and passengers, hurly-burly (Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion), Disaster (Act of God), etc.. To learn more about the various terms in the fields of insurance, you can see the page in term insurance.

Currently, it is very easy for you to obtain car insurance an attractive and appropriate to the needs of as many insurance companies in Indonesia that compete by offering attractive programs. The more people who berasuransi shows that the awareness of the price to protect their property from possible threat of danger is increasing significantly.
Insurance companies in the country now compete to provide the best services for the community, both in terms of the program until the claim.


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