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How appropriate money from adsense

You never even heard the news about someone who has thousands of dollars from google adsense? Have you heard the story, although its CTR-10% but generate $ 1 - $ 5 per click? We hope you can disclose how they can do trersebut and began to generate money from the adsense? If Yes, be prepared because I will show how it can happen ... ..

Google adsense advertising program that is very exceptional because it involves a very large network and millions of websites. This program originally designed only form of text ads with variations in size, but has now penetrated the ad is an image. The form of text ad that has shown success because kerelevananya to content / subject that is displayed from a site.

Google adsense also one of a very powerful weapon for the website publisher. Because he can juggle the site into the engine generates money easily and if used properly it can generate income that is not small. However, if we do not use it properly and to generate maximum income, the same as we merelakan pullout of money that is available in front of the eye.

To maximize our revenue adsense, there are 5 things that we need:
1. Format and the appropriate placement of the ad.
2. Target keywords (keyword) of value.
3. Some content may be appropriate to the target.
4. Fill relevant sites.
5. Monitoring of statistical give a good google.

The exact format of the ad.
Basically, to generate money in adsense is how to increase the click through rate (CTR). What's the point of so many visitors to the website or keyword that we have earning-per-click it is very expensive, but there are no visitors to click our ads.

So, to maximize the CTR, there is the 5 rules that must be done:

1. Use ad formats that performance is better than the other. Use the format 250x250 rectangle.

2. Place the ad location and the appropriate page, and the best sites we (not a place that is normally used in general, the publisher).

3. Use the right combination of color, this will make visitors feel interested.

4. Make a background color ad with the same color pages, or may earn semirip.

5. Make your ads without border (limit), by downloading a border color settings like background color ads.

Words appropriate for the page that is adsensenya is important.

Because advertisers (adwords) pay only on particular keywords, and some keywords have a value that is very expensive compared to other keywords. If the subject that we discussed on the site is that it is only, and keywords used are not valuable, then the ads appear any ads that are low in value.


Writing rich content that will be targeted keywords that are very important, and it is advisable to write the content as every day. But the road to a smooth start in adsense, we need to have thousands of articles ready for publication.

(Free translation from: How to start sharply in the Google AdSense earnings.)


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